Kabbalah Part 6

Previously we discussed the POSITIVE/Adam/Proton and NEGATIVE/Eve/Electron dimensions of our universe from the view of the Kabbalah.

In order to have RESISTANCE there must be both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE present as we see in the example of a light bulb.

RESISTANCE or LIGHT is created when the CURRENT is trying to pass from the POSITIVE pole to the NEGATIVE pole. When the filament between the two poles breaks we see a momentary flash of light and then it goes out permanently.

Like the light bulb the Kabbalah says that in order for there to be continuous Light from God there must be RESISTANCE!

We spoke earlier about THE ENDLESS WORLD or what might be considered to be HEAVEN ON EARTH. So let’s see how we can create THE ENDLESS WORLD.

Using the light bulb example the NEGATIVE pole is us – THE VESSEL. The POSITIVE pole is THE LIGHT from God. The FILAMENT represents the VESSEL’s act of RESISTANCE.

Next post we will discuss how the difference between REACTIVENESS and RESISTANCE.

Hugh Simpson

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