Kabbalah Part 5

In the previous post we learned that Rabbi Luria wrote about the BIG BANG in the 16th century confirming what the COBE satellite found in the late 20th century.

RESISTANCE played a key role in the creation of our universe and also is central to the teachings of the Kabbalah.

So what is RESISTANCE? Let’s use an example of RESISTANCE you know about on a daily basis: turning on a light bulb.

As you may know from science class it takes both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE to make the RESISTANCE occur. As you may remember in a previous code Adam was code for POSITIVE and Eve for NEGATIVE.

Furthermore we know from the study of physics the POSITIVE/Adam also refers to the PROTON in an atom and the NEGATIVE/Eve is the ELECTRON. These two forms of energy created the ATOM which created our universe!

In the next post we will see how these two energies created RESISTANCE!

Hugh Simpson

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