Kabbalah Part 4

In the previous post we gave an example of how the BREAD OF SHAME occurs using the story of the little boy who finds that his so called game saving run is all a farce.

So how do we overcome the BREAD OF SHAME?

According to the teachings of the Kabbalah God was made aware of what we – the VESSEL – felt like by only being the RECEIVER and NOT the GIVER. The VESSEL wanted to be like God.

So because the VESSEL had FREE WILL God granted the VESSEL’S desire.

According to the Kabbalah that is when what is now called the BIG BANG theory of the creation of the universe occurred.

So the original writers of the Kabbalah were way ahead of the modern theoretical physicists in explaining the BIG BANG as this is how Rabbi Isaac Luria discussed it the 16th century:

“The universe was created out of nothingness from a single point of light. The nothingness is called the Endless World. The Endless World was filled with infinite Light. The Light was then resisted to a single point, creating primordial space. Beyond this point nothing is known. Therefore, the point is called the beginning. After the Resistance, the Endless World issued forth a ray of Light. This ray of Light then expanded quickly. All matter emanated from that point.”

Now here is what physicists like Nobel Prize winner Stephen Hawking said about the BIG BANG:

“Approximately 15 billion years ago, before the universe came into existence, there was nothing. No time. No space. The universe began in a single point. This point was surrounded by nothingness. It had no width. No depth. No length. This speck contained the whole of space, time, and matter. The point erupted in an explosion of unimaginable force, expanding at the speed of light like a bubble. This energy eventually cooled and coalesced into matter – stars, galaxies, and plants.”

From The Power of Kabbalah

Read both of these descriptions carefully again. Are they not one in the same? One written in the 16th century and another in the late 20th century after the BIG BANG was confirmed by NASA satellite COBE.

More about the RESISTANCE in the next post!

Hugh Simpson

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