Kabbalah Part 3

In the last post Rabbi Berg, author of The Power of Kabbalah (see References), shares a story to explain the BREAD OF SHAME about an un-athletic kid like myself at his age becoming the hero by hitting the winning ball.

As I mentioned the kid is full of XTREMEJOY until he overhears something at school the next day.

As you might have figured out the game had been rigged. The kid’s father had gotten together with both coaches and together with both teams participating had fixed it so the un-athletic kid would get the winning run! The third strike zone ball had been thrown slow enough for a sure hit. The center fielder had DELIBERATELY missed the easy catch allowing for the tie. The catcher had DELIBERATELY overthrown second base and again the center fielder had overthrown home plate!

Therefore now the kid’s feeling of XTREMEJOY had disappeared and in had become XTREME sadness that he had not really been the GIVER but only the RECEIVER!

This state leads to the Kabbalah’s BREAD OF SHAME!

So how do we overcome the BREAD OF SHAME?

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

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