Kabbalah Part 2

In the previous post I began a KISS version of what you need to read in The Power of Kabbalah by Rabbi Yehuda Berg (see References).

We discussed GOD as the giver to us – the VESSEL – the LIGHT. We also found that we became frustrated and ashamed for always being the RECEIVER and wanted to be the GIVER too.

This is what is referred to in the Kabbalah as the BREAD OF SHAME.

Rabbi Berg shares a wonderful story to explain the BREAD OF SHAME. There is this little boy playing on a baseball team who like myself at his age is far from athletic and definitely the last to be picked on the team. He represents the VESSEL.

Well it is the bottom of the ninth inning and the other team is ahead by one run. One kid has managed to make it to first base but there are already two outs. Up comes the un-athletic kid mentioned above.

The opposing pitcher throws two strike zone balls and now it is is down to one more strike and its over. The kid is nervous but manages to to stay somewhat focused.

The next throw is again in the strike zone and this time the kid just swings knowing it will soon be over.

However this time it connects and the ball sails out to the outfield where unfortunately it appears the center field player will make the easy out. For some unexplainable reason the kid in center field does not make the easy out. Instead it sails over his head forcing him to run back to pick it up.

He does and throws to home plate. He overthrows the ball and the kid makes it home scoring! Now the game is tied.

The catcher rushes back hoping to at least put the hitter out at second. Again the ball is overthrown forcing the center field kid to go for the ball as the hitter rounds third base.

The un-athletic kid is about out of steam but goes for home plate any way. He sees out of the corner of his eye the center field kid aiming the ball for home plate.

It will be close. The hitter throws himself towards home plate and again he sees the ball flying over the catcher’s head as his foot hits home plate!

The game is over! The un-athletic kid has hit the necessary winning hit! He is the hero of the game!

He is beyond happy! He is feeling XTREMEJOY!

In the next post you will see how this is not what it seems!

Hugh Simpson

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