Kabbalah Part 15

Last post we discussed TIME as the distance between ACTION and REACTION and TIME as the divide between CRIME and CONSEQUENCE. Both of these forms of time are in SATAN’s bag of deceit and evil.

Another deceitful trick SATAN uses is to create the ILLUSION that there is no truth to the creation of the Spiritual Light.

How does this happen? So using our previous example of road rage we use RESISTANCE by not shooting a bird or cutting off the person. Instead we just keep doing what is right or even wave nicely to them!

Unfortunately the other person may even get madder since we did not REACT. They may continue to harass us. We had hoped the wave would stop the rage.

Rabbi Berg says that our PROACTIVE behavior may not have INSTANT results so SATAN tells us that our good RESISTANCE did not pay off!

Don’t listen to SATAN! GOD has EVERYTHING under CONTROL!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

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