Kabbalah Part 14

Previously we discussed how SATAN uses TIME with CAUSE and EFFECT.

Also TIME is the distance between ACTION and REACTION that SATAN uses very effectively.

The KABBALAH teaches that we must NOT react but instead RESIST leading to PROACTIVE ACTION. We RESIST the usual REACTIVENESS we experience when something does not go our way. For instance with a previous example of road rage we RESIST participating by giving the finger or cutting in front of the person like they did to you. If we don’t it could escalate into a similar tragedy where a four year old girl was shot and killed during such an event!

The road rage incident mentioned above also is another form of TIME that SATAN uses – the divide between crime and consequence! The TIME of the actual shooting and death of the child was short but the time between the shooting and the CONSEQUENCES for both parties will be a LIFETIME!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

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