Kabbalah Part 11

The previous post we discussed how SATAN changes our DNA to read FOR SELF ALONE in regards to DESIRE.

Today we find another technique SATAN uses: how you KNOW what you are hearing is from him instead of GOD!

Rabbi Berg says in his The Power of Kabbalah (see References) that SATAN’s voice as directed thought is ALWAYS loud and crystal clear urging us to REACT to a situation.

GOD’s voice is barely audible coming from our INTUITION or GUT as a flash of insight or inspiration.

Let me share an example that happened yesterday. I decided to take our local transit service for the first time. Normally I walk everywhere. I saw a man sitting on a bench in the shopping center and asked if he was waiting for the bus. He said no that he was waiting for his girlfriend to pick him up.

I found through continuing conversation that Vic had just arrived in Franklin and was looking for work. When I asked him what he did in Tampa I found he had been a chef for 25 years! I know many of the owners of the local restaurants having run an inn and restaurant in Franklin for several years.

I got his email address and asked him in my reply back to give me a resume. Also we talked about my new GobbleTurkeyGobble business and how I thought we could work together to create some unique turkey based meals and videos to go with them!

Listening to that “small still voice” of GOD led me to sit on that bench instead of the several other ones in the shopping center!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

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