Kabbalah Part 1

Yes this ancient teaching has DRASTICALLY changed my life and TOTALLY fits in with my other teachings at VoireDei – ancient term for GOD’S TRUTH!

So what is the teaching of the Kabbalah?

Here is the KISS version I learned from a book that you need to get ASAP – The Power of Kabbalah by Rabbi Yehuda Berg (see References).

God produces the LIGHT. Adam is CODE for the POSITIVE and Eve for the NEGATIVE which are both required to produce the LIGHT. Any kid studying electricity will tell you that.

We – you and I – are referred to as the VESSEL or a cup.

GOD’s mission was to fill the VESSEL with LIGHT. However we eventually decided that we wanted to be able to participate. We knew we could not give GOD the LIGHT; however we wanted to be able to give the LIGHT instead of always being the receiver.

You know how you feel when people are always giving you something and deep down you want to give them something in return? It is human nature to give and receive!

The VESSEL – us – felt WORTHLESS because we could not give back to GOD! The Jewish faith calls it THE BREAD OF SHAME.

More about the BREAD OF SHAME in the next post!

Hugh Simpson

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