Investigating Amazon

Yes I am going after Amazon! I have had NO problem when I was with CBS SHUTTING DOWN a nation-wide transmission repair company that was later bought out by scrupulous owners after the first ones scammed THOUSANDS of consumers especially seniors!

Here is what I am sending to the Seattle media, my attorney, and just finish sending to over 73,000 Internet Marketers around the world!

“Yes I am a former CBS News CONSUMER investigative reporter investigating Amazon.

“I have close to a dozen web sites embedded with my Amazon Affiliate Code which I have had for well over a decade!

“The other day I was adding a product and found that my account had been CLOSED with NO NOTICE sent me!

“I began a chat with Jacqui who informed me I had NEVER signed the Children’s Protection Agreement. I distinctly remember giving Amazon a complete list of EVERY web site that had their products on them and SIGNING their Agreement!

“Jacqui said that had NOT been the case. Amazon does NOT acknowledge when you have done what they asked by sending a confirming email. They don’t even let you know your account has been closed!

“I am looking for others that have experienced the same situation. You can leave me a comment on my site above.

“Interestingly enough I received an email just before the one about the Children Protection Agreement asking me to change my PASSWORD! I had never seen any reference to this for over the decade I have been with them!

“I think there was an UNREPORTED breech of security at Amazon! I plan to launch a massive investigation of Amazon beginning with my previous employers CBS News and Post Newsweek. I also have great contacts with CNN.

“I would not be so pissed if Amazon would have let me reinstate my account with my previous code but Jacqui informed me that could not be done! It would take me LONG HOURS completely recoding all the THOUSANDS of products I have listed!

“This is the Holiday Season where I, a 69 year young entrepreneur, had planned to earn THOUSANDS of dollars from my web sites that are currently WORTHLESS!

“I don’t think that I am the only one who has had his/her account shutdown. You might want to check your own account!

Hugh Simpson

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