Hands Down It Is APPLE!

Today I started off to make those promised videos on the CRAPPY Amazon Fire, Android Proscan and the Nextbook loaded with the NIGHTMARISH Windows 10.

Well I used an old Vivitar which required me to the find a VIDEO CONVERTER.

So first I started to find one on the Android Proscan. These pieces of CRAP are loaded with D- rated apps! The only reason I did not give them an F is because the Microsoft and Amazon app stores are WORSE!

Yes first the apps would NOT even download on the Windows 10 Nextbook! Tried several and NADA!

The Amazon App Store did let me download but on one AVG warned me to uninstall it ASAP! The rest of the video converter apps had NO stars or at best 2! Also the CRAP Fire Tablet did not even recognize the card with the videos,

Hopefully I will still make the video especially on the F rated Amazon Fire using my new Apple Mini!

Hugh Simpson

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