GUARANTEED Wealth Part 1

Remember in the previous post we used the hotdog street vendor as the perfect example of GUARANTEED WEALTH CONTROL.

Why? Because he/she has to wear all the hats of making that business SUCCESSFUL and PROFITABLE! He/she is responsible for EVERYTHING concerning that business: purchasing, accounting, marketing, distribution, transportation, etc.

In order to make this a SUCCESSFUL and PROFITABLE business the vendor has to KNOW every aspect of the business and CONTROL it!

I actually had an Atlanta hotdog vendor as a client. He made the best Chicago hotdog I had ever eaten. Others in downtown Atlanta agreed as the line to his stand stretched for literally hundreds of feet during the lunch hours! Eventually he had at least three locations in downtown Atlanta that were all SUCCESSFUL and PROFITABLE! He eventually sold the business because he knew the secrets behind GUARANTEED WEALTH CONTROL!

His SUCCESS was due to knowing EVERYTHING about his business!

Do you know EVERYTHING about your business? Do YOU control EVERY aspect of your business?

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

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