Getting Unstuck

I pulled another book off the shelf the other day that can certainly help you with your XtremeJoy Lifestyle and I see it as another MUST book. It is entitled Unstuck by Keith Yamashita and Sandra Spataro.

These two authors are experts having worked with both profit and non-profit organizations to get hem UNSTUCK. They have learned that teams can get STUCK. May be you are on a team. Here are some of the questions you might want to ask to see if you are stuck:

1. Are you stuck on something? With something? In something? With someone?

2. What are you trying to achieve?

3. Can you identify the roadblocks? If so, what are they like?

4. Is it just you? Or is your whole team in a funk?

5. Have you already tried to get unstuck?

6. Who could help you get unstuck?

7. Are you afraid to admit that you are stuck?

After you have asked these questions then the authors show you the value of Systems Thinking as applied to getting unstuck. Here the areas they have where you and your team can get stuck: Strategy, Culture, Purpose, Structure + Process, People + Interaction and Metrics + Rewards. Of course the ideal is to be balanced in theses areas. Of course, no team follows the ideal all the time.

Then more questions follow and tell you where you need to concentrate to reach balance. Here are several for you to consider:

1. Do you have a clear, inspiring purpose?

2. Do you have the right people in the right positions to make a difference?

3. Do you work effectively as a team?

Now they discuss what they call “The Serious Seven” which are:

1. Overwhelmed
2. Exhausted
3. Directionless
4. Hopeless
5. Battle-torn
6. Worthless
7. Alone

Then what follows is how to handle each of The Serious Seven. For instance, if you are facing overwhelm then they will offer some insights and refer you to another section of the book on how to handle overwhelm.

Now you can probably see why Unstuck should be a MUST book for you!

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