Fiscal Fitness

Today we are returning to another type of FITNESS – FISCAL fitness and recently I discovered one of the BEST MUST read books on that subject – Soul Currency by Ernest Chu. Ernest has a very interesting background as he is a former 30 year veteran of Wall Street including being an allied member of the New York Stock Exchange, an investment banking executive and a capital markets expert. He is also a very ssuccessful serial entrepreneur having been on the founding executive team of NINE companies and raising over $150,000,000 for these companies and other clients.

While he was on Wall Street, Ernest became very interested in spiritual abundance and after teaching courses at the Center for Spiritual Living, he was finally ordained in 2006 and has become the Center’s assistant pastor.

Ernest is a man after my own heart and passion – social entrepreneurship – and in his very informative, teaching handbook Soul Currency he shares some wonderful stories of several of our mutual friends – Richard Schulman, one of America’s premiere New Age musicians and composers and Matt Bacak, one of my mentors in the world of Internet Marketing. He tells the story of Mo Siegel, who founded the multi-million dollar Celestial Seasonings, who was mentored by another one of my mentors – Marshall Thurber, creator of the Berklyn School of Entrepreneurship, Money & You and Mastery in Manifesting. Marshall also was the right hand man to the incredible futurist and inventor, Buckminster Fulluer, who created the geodesic dome. It was through my two year mentoring with Marshall that I became passionate about domes and learned to build them as you will see at ILoveUSAMade.

Ernest does not write the usual “touchie-feelie” New Age wealth abundance psycho-babble but gives numerous examples of how Quantum Physics fits into the pursuing of wealth. We know for a FACT that ALL matter is composed of sub-atomic waves and particles and that includes MONEY. Money is just a form of ENERGY. Research from prestigious educational institutes like Princeton University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science have demonstrated over and over again that there are NO accidents in the Universe and that EVERYTHING is INTERCONNECTED including MONEY!

Here is what Ernest shares: “One condition or choice affects another, which affects another, and then what you experience as tangible ‘reality’ emerges. Our power to affect reality in specific ways is magnified by the clarity of our thoughts and the intensity of our feelings…Quantum physics has shown that the field of intentionality is part of a unified field of consciousness.”

He gives a formula for Spiritual Capital that Ouantum Physics certainly would agree with: Spiritual Capital = Focus + Intention + Spiritual Assets multiplied expotentially by LOVE.

Next time we will discuss Spiritual Assets and tell you of the RealWorld Bank we are setting up to share your Spiritual Assets!

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