First 2014 Business & Partner

WOW! So cool to be in the AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURING business on the first day of a new year!

My former Bolles School classmate Jeff Dunan, founder of Dunan Systems in Los Angeles, has been working on some way cool aircraft and he has invited me to be a full partner!

Here in Jeff’s words is what Dunan Systems will be offering:

“Dunan Systems has developed a series of carbon-fiber aircraft, including a 2-seat ‘Close-Air-Support’ (CAS) plane, a one-quarter scale UAV (drone), and a 6-seat cargo model. The latter provides 1,000 lbs useful load, short field performance and costs less than a dollar per mile (and fly 6 people at 160 knots).

“The ability for fast ‘first on the scene’ response is a key element of the 2-seat model, giving county police and fire departments an extra set of eyes quickly wherever needed. The plane can be in the air and on station twice as fast as a helicopter at one-fourth the operating cost. All in a package (including orientation, check rides and delivery) for about $800,000 (depending on the customer’s requirements, of course).

“Powered by the same 350 HP Diesel engine and drive train, our 2-seat plane offers spectacular speed and maneuverability, while the 6-seat model provides significant cargo capacity along with 160 knots (or better) cruise. Perfect for air-taxi and missions under 2-3 hours – as well as for long-distance hauling.

“The market for rapid deployment for fire departments and other county services is immense. There are over 3,100 counties in the US. We are not aware of a competitive product in aviation today with our combination of speed, profile, and efficiency.

“If only only 3 percent of the county governments in the US purchased the plane, that translates into 100 units, or $80 million in sales. The larger (6 place or cargo) plane and UAV (drone) provide additional commercial & military streams of revenue.”

Jeff Dunan
Founder of Dunan Systems

Is this not cool! Senior “dudes” getting to build and play with “boy toys”!

Stay tuned for updates!

Hugh Simpson

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