FINALLY KNOW What I Want to Do for the REST of My Life

Well it has only taken me over 50 years to figure this one out!

My friends will be the first to tell you that I have a VERY hard time FOCUSING on one area of what I like to do.

They will also tell you I am like a child in a toy store with a whole LOT of new toys to explore.

And they are RIGHT!

HOWEVER I have finally realized that I KNOW what I want to do for the REST of my LIFE.

I have coined the term – ADVENTURE FITNESS.

It is exactly what I want to do!

Find way cool ADVENTURES involving FITNESS and being FIT.

OR better yet create them!

SO you will now see several new sites that are involved with this pursuit under the heading on this blog of Passions & Projects. The ones around ADVENTURE FITNESS will have a # next to them.

So WHY am I qualified? Well I have been a certified personal fitness trainer for 17 years and most recently discovered why I had NEVER been able to get a FLAT belly. So I created Natural Flat Belly to share with you how I did it and so can YOU!

Also I have been creating and marketing fitness related events for 30 years such as my own Great American Footrace my partner, Jimmie, and I created in Atlanta in the early 80s. I also was involved in helping with the Coors Biathlons with my good friend Dave Johnson.

PLUS my life has been one GREAT ADVENTURE especially when I was with CBS News and even later when I had my award winning TV series on Comcast on holistic health and fitness.

SO stay tuned right here as I unveil some VERY exciting happenings in the world of ADVENTURE FITNESS coming soon from our new company and web site PLANET ADVENTURE FITNESS!

Hugh Simpson


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