Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 59

Earn $16,000 in 24 Hours!

Bet this got your ATTENTION!

I actually saw that as a headline on an Internet Marketing site!

PLEASE, do these IDIOTS actually think people will believe that BS?

Actually they do and unfortunately they are either gullible or desperate for something to earn them money or both!

Well over the next series of emails I am going to show you that the majority of these Rags to Riches stories have been created by top EARNING copywriters! I learned how to do this in grad school in 1973 at the top Advertising and Public Relations university in the US – the University of Illinois.

My professors had been top earning copywriters at well known ad agencies and some continued to offer their services via us as we got grades for projects and they got BUCKS! They came from Leo Burnett, Foote Cone & Belding, J Walter Thompson, etc. One of them created one of the classic ad campaigns of all times – Cutty Sark! If you don’t know these agencies and this campaign Google them!

More in next post!

Sarge Hugh Simpson

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