Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 57

Yes I have spent the past 12 HOURS cleaning up over 10,000 emails! What an EYE OPENER!

First as you know I use ONLY a iPod Touch. I discovered today that just because you dump it into the TRASH CAN icon does NOT mean it has gone to TRASH like I thought. So now I know to dump the email only into the TRASH folder NOT the icon!

I also realized that I would NEVER look past probably 30 DAYS of a particular email so I dumped all the ones older than 30 days.

Finally I UNSUBSCRIBED from numerous what I call INTERNET MARKETING WHORES! These are those ASSHOLES that BOMBARD you EVERY DAY with the CRAP they are trying to sell you!

Might consider doing this EMAIL CLEANSE yourself!

Sarge Hugh Simpson

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