Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 53

Today we look at the 5th technique my friend/mentor Pat Williams, General Manager of NBA Orlando Magic, says you need for BLUE SKY THINKING in his Go for The Magic (see Resources): BRAINSTORMING!

I have used BRAINSTORMING for years but I found one I like better: HEARTSTORMING!

Are you aware that your HEART has a BRAIN too? This is NO airy fairy New Age psychobabble! This is SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHED FACT! BTW you have a THIRD brain! Know where it is located!


So getting back to your HEART BRAIN. We know that it is directly connected to your HEAD BRAIN as is the STOMACH BRAIN. In fact they are ALL connected to each other.

So when you are gathering your CREATIVES together remember you have two ways to work: BRAIN & HEART!

You can learn more about HEARTSTORMING in the next post!

Sarge Hugh Simpson

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