Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 49

As promised here are some things that my friend/mentor Pat Williams, General Manager of NBA Orlando Magic, says in his best selling Go for The Magic (see Resources) about the 2nd secret: FREE THE IMAGINATION.

Pat likes to call it BLUE SKY THINKING.

1. EXERCISE YOUR BRAIN! As Pat says so easy to do but so few of us do it! Amen!

I am more scared of Alzheimer’s than the Big C and stroke. Therefore I study everything I can find to help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

I have learned that if you learn ONE NEW thing that you did NOT know BEFORE DAILY you will cut your risk for developing Alzheimer’s and dementia! What happens according to medical research is that when this NEW thing is added to your thought world a new DENDRITE is created in your PHYSICAL brain!

So why is this important? The MORE DENDRITES you can add to the CURRENT supply the MORE you will have TOTALLY when Alzheimer’s or dementia raises its ugly head. So for example right now you have X amount of DENDRITES which could be from 100% down.

Now let’s say that you learn something NEW EVERY day for a year. You have now added 365 NEW DENDRITES! So let’s say you had 90% when you first started the new project. Now a year later you may have 95% or more.

Alzheimer’s and dementia appears to attack these DENDRITE NETWORKS. So let’s say that the attack takes out 20%. Before you started the daily exercise you had 90%. Now you would have 70% if you had not learned something NEW DAILY for a year.

However you decided to learn EVERY DAY something NEW. Because of that SIMPLE exercise you would still 75% plus instead of 70% of the network INTACT!

So start learning something NEW DAILY! Build up your DENDRITE bank!

More from Pat in next post!

Sarge Hugh Simpson

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