Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 48

Today we look at the 2nd secret of Walt Disney from my friend/mentor Pat Williams, General Manager of NBA Orlando Magic, in his Go for The Magic (see Resources).

The 2nd secret that Pat and my hero, Uncle Walt, taught was: FREE THE IMAGINATION!

Here is what Pat has to say about pursuing our IDEAS: “It takes conscious, deliberate, effort to properly plant, nurture, grow, and harvest ideas. Ideas are FRAGILE, DISTURBING, SELF-REPRODUCING, and FREE.”

FRAGILE – “We need to create an atmosphere in which ideas are encouraged – both our own ideas and the ideas of those around us.”

I have done that through my ConceptsNation.

DISTURBING – “New ideas upset our equilibrium and force us to change our thinking.”

SELF-REPRODUCING – “Ideas breed more ideas. Creativity begets more creativity.

FREE – “Ideas cost nothing to produce, and they often produce millions.” Starbucks, McDonalds, Gatorade, Barbie, and Disney World have produced BILLIONS!


Next post Pat discusses some things you can do.

Sarge Hugh Simpson

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