Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 44

You know how you are MEANT to see or hear things? Well today coming back from church my friend Carol had Joel Olstein on. Joel was talking about being a RAINMAKER like the Native Americans have been known to do.

He was saying rain clouds actually begin on the GROUND. He then said GOD wants US to begin on the GROUND too by offering GRATITUDE UP to GOD! Then GOD can be the RAINMAKER for US!

WOW! I don’t know about you but that sermon hit me like a 2×4! Also Joel said that as we get what we want we FORGET to then CONTINUALLY give THANKS! For instance, we get that client we want and maybe we give THANKS for several days but then we stop! Joel said GOD wants us to have GRATITUDE not just several days but from then on!

Another 2×4 learning for me! I have certainly NOT given CONTINUAL GRATITUDE like GOD desires!

My new mantra for SUCCESS & XTREMEJOY is: GRATITUDE is the ONLY attitude!

Sarge Hugh Simpson

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