Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 45

Today you are going to learn from another one of my mentors, Pat Williams, General Manager of The Orlando Magic. Pat and I became friends because we are both Walt Disney FANATICS! Pat has written extensively about Uncle Walt and it was through reading his How To Be Like Walt (see Resources) that we became friends! Heck we found that both of us attended Wake Forest University!

So let’s get started! This time what I learned from Pat comes from his best selling Go For The Magic (see Resources).

Pat is the father of EIGHTEEN kids! Yes you read that right – 18! Pat and wonderful wife, Jill, adopted 14 of those kids! Another reason Pat and I hit it off is that I am adopted also!

Pat and Jill have a cool philosophy in their home: THINK TOMORROW & LIVE TODAY!

Pat learned this from Uncle Walt who said: “THINK, BELIEVE, DREAM, and DARE.”

More from Pat in next post!

Sarge Hugh Simpson

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