Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 31

I SO agree with my mentor Donald Trump that you must keep LEARNING!

I have LOVED reading and researching most all my life. That is probably why I was glad to be an INVESTIGATIVE reporter for CBS News and Post Newsweek than just a regular reporter.

It was through research on my first book on Earth Changes that I stumbled upon a two paragraph story on a VERY little known event – Y2K. That changed the entire approach to my book and led to me doing bookstore signings and appearances on CNN, Fox News and Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell.

I also agree with The Donald when he warns about becoming a KNOW IT ALL! I have a friend that has a annoying habit that may have stopped his advancement to admiral and later in business who is always saying: I ALREADY KNOW THAT. It is as annoying as that commercial where they say: EVERYONE KNOWS THAT.

Equally annoying is a friend who is always trying to show how much he knows but does not offer the same courtesy of listening to others.

Sarge Hugh Simpson

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