Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 3

Now you should have been able to develop a CONCISE KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) MISSION STATEMENT that tells your MISSION to anyone! If you are having problems then Google “mission statement” to see what others have written. Model them!

Next you will want to make durn sure that you understand and USE basic ACCOUNTING! In these hard times for USA based local and state governments they are making sure they get every damn cent out of you!

Remember the clients that have just opened the retail store? When I asked them what type of accounting system they had set up they said they were using a PAPER sales book like we did in the 1960s when I was a teen!

This is 2014, GRUNTS,(look it up) NOT 1964 when I graduated from high school! Check out a COMPUTER based system like Quicken. When I asked the owner why she was not using electronic accounting she gave some lame excuse of “this is the way I have always done it”! GRUNT, times and things CHANGE!

Sarge Hugh Simpson

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