DOABLE Goal Setting

Well I hope that you have taken ONE of your GOALS/DREAMS and used the procedure I showed you for breaking it down into DOABLE ones such as our 6 MONTH one.

By the way, it does not have to be a monetary goal. It could be that you want to lose 25 pounds in 6 months which is doable. May be it is to learn a new foreign language which is also doable. All it has to be is HUGE and DOABLE. Certainly we are not going to build Walt Disney City in 6 months but we should have it finished in less than 10 years! Actually I want to have the Grand Opening on 1/1/2020! That is 8 years and one day from when I’m writing this post!

As soon as you have one done then finish up the other 3 for the 6 month period.

Now you will have a DOABLE BLUEPRINT for your four goals/dreams.

You are going to know EXACTLY how much you need to earn daily, weekly or monthly. You also will know much weight or inches you would need to lose if that is one of your goals.

People’s goals/dreams are not doable because they do not break them down into DOABLE units that the mind can deal with. There is a term in the brain research field called “Pinging.” This occurs when you start to do something you have never done before. You have stored in your brain EVERY second of your life up to NOW! Experiments have shown that by stimulating certain areas of the brain you can recall events that go back to your birth! Consciously you can not recall them but subconsciously they are all there.

So with a new event that you have never done before the brain begins to Ping or look through its subconscious files for something that RESEMBLES your goal or dream. Since it can’t find a time that you invested in a $10,000 per week vacation it has NO blueprint for accomplishing this goal/dream.

With most people they just keep dreaming and saying: “May be one day.”

Now do you see why the rich get richer? They have BLUEPRINTS in their subconscious files that show them through Pinging that this is very similar to what they have experienced before. They have grown up KNOWING they can make it happen. My mentor Donald Trump began his experiences of building and developing at SEVEN years old when he would go on the job with his Dad. In my case if I had pursued a career in interior design like my Mom did I would have had a vast experience and knowledge to Ping with! That is why today helping people with their interior designing is so easy for me.

Through the 90/10 Club I have given you a BLUEPRINT that has worked for literally thousands of people before you. You may not have the knowlege in your brain now but you can easily learn everything you need to in 1-2 MONTHS. Of course you have to stop watching the idiot tube and going out with your buddies or the girlfriends in case of the ladies and devote time to learning what I am gifting you at the 90/10 Club.

The decision is YOUR’S!

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