Do You ASK?

I found something that certainly made sense as I read it: “If you truly want to be a DECAmillionaire or more, then you must STOP sending messages to the universe that are the OPPOSITE of your wealth affirmations!”

I am as guilty as anyone of doing my wealth affirmations DAILY and then saying: “Those assholes on Wall Street are stealing us blind!” So actually I am sending CONFLICTING signs to God/Universal Power and that confuses God as to what does Hugh really want. Here he wants to be a decamillionaire and at the same time he is CONDEMNING the very same decamillionaires! As God sees it you and I are usually saying the “assholes” message with more feeling and emotion than the wealth affirmations!

Also you can not be jealous of another’s wealth like a Donald Trump as that also sends a conflicting message that may be subconciously you don’t really want to be RICH.

Also remember what Wallace Wattles’ says in his classic The Science of Getting Rich (available in the Resource area): you can not become RICH when you are in the COMPETITIVE mindset. As Wattles says there is MORE than enough for EVERY person in the world to be RICH! And if for some strange reason the wealth should begin to decline God will create MORE! For instance, if gold was what everyone wanted then God would help us discover enough gold to take care of ALL our desires!

Now you may think this is CRAZY thinking. However remember what Jesus said: “You do not have because you do not ASK!”

So if Jesus left this as a clue to becoming RICH then we need to ASK!

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