Disney’s Three Rooms

Yes, Walt Disney, my Creative hero, had THREE rooms literally at Disney Studios.

Room 1 was for what you might know as BRAINSTORMING and I like to call “HeartStorming” as they have discovered that our heart has its own brain. This is the process where ALL ideas are presented with NO naysaying allowed.

Room 2 was where the members of the team gathered to gather to make some sense of ideas with STORYBOARDING and sketches of potential Disney characters for the project. We use storyboarding for all our video productions.

Room 3 was where the entire project was presented to not only the team but to other Devil’s Advocates with the most famous one the Boss – Walt himself. NO ONE was personally attacked but the project was put under a microscope and this was where it either became a reality or was sacked!

Two of the most famous Imagineers, Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas, authors of The Illusions of Life: Disney Animation said: “…there were actually three different Walts: the dreamer, the realist, and the spoiler. You never knew which one was coming into the meeting.”

You also need to as a Creative have some form of the Three Rooms for your projects.

By the way, my friend and DecaMillionaire, Pat Williams, author of How to be Like Walt, has had the pleasure of interviewing most all the famous Imagineers, top Disney executives and the Disney family. He is the one that got permission for me to proceed with my BIGGEST project ever: Walt Disney City.

By the way both of the books mentioned in this post are at the Resources area.

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