Creatives Need Heigth

As strange as this statement above may seem it has been backed up by research by Joan Meyers-Levy, a professor of marketing at the University of Minnesota, where she did an experiment with two different groups where 50 participants did the same task as the other 50. The first 50 did it in a room with an 8 foot ceiling and the other did it in a room with a 10 foot ceiling. She found that those in the 10 foot ceiling tended to come up with more ABSTRACT categories and those in the 8 foot ceiling area more CONCRETE.

So if you are doing your Action Steps you might want to consider working in an 8 foot ceiling room and a smaller environment. However if you are “HeartStorming” then consider the 10 foot ceilings and a larger OPEN space.

I actually saw this recently when I went to see my friend’s funky house that was built in 1919 and featured Masonic architecture and features. Now a bunch of musical CREATIVES are living there and this place had way higher than 10 foot ceilings!

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