Cover The Walls!

If you are visual person like myself then what I am about to share with you might be valuable to you too.

I am sure that you have been to workshops where they have covered the walls with butcher block paper so that each member could express themselves. Today that equivalent can be done electronically with whiteboards.

Well what if you were to take your Creative Space and cover all the walls with SUCCESSFUL PAST projects to remind you that only ACTION Steps made this happen. These could be sketches, Post-It-Notes, drawings, blueprints, etc. – any thing that was used to get you through the FINISHED project. Many Creatives do this in order to keep them FOCUSED on the current project being finished successfully!

I read about a cool Creative that Scott interviewed for Making Ideas Happen (Resources area). He is the president of Rhode Island School of Design, John Maeda. When Scott visited this guy’s office he was startled to find that itwas not the typical office with polished wooden floors and paneled walls. Instead it was a room with walls covered with Post-It-Notes, sketches, To-Do-Lists, etc. Also when Scott was interviewing him, Maeda would take Post-It-Notes and line them up on his desk with notes to himself as Scott asked questions. Maeda explained that he was a VISUAL person and this technique helped him along with the walls of his office.

You might want to try this yourelf!

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