When you are collaborating the last thing you want to do is take the easy way out with CONSENSUS!

This is a very hard thing to avoid in collaboration but here is one way to avoid it that was shared in MUST read Making Ideas Happen where Scott interviewed renowned founder of Thinc Design, Tom Hennes. Tom has collaborated on projects like the Steinhart Aquarium, Freedom Park in Pretoria and New York’s new National September 11 Memorial Museum.

Tom loves to first listen to the STORIES, then gather ALL of the viewpoints of the collaborators. Next he determines the EXTREMES of the shared viewpoints and makes sure they are ALWAYS included in the final project. He agrees to come to consensus on other viewpoints but NEVER on the EXTREMES!

Why does he do this?

Tom believes that the EXTREMES are what will distinguish the end result. He says that he will endure all the critiques and requests but the EXTREMES are SACRED! Also it not an “either/or” but a “and/and” with EXTREMES.

So when you work on any project find those EXTREMES and NEVER compromise them as they are SACRED and help to end lackluster consensus!

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