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We also have another blog that you might enjoy visiting called ConceptsNation.

As you will see when you visit here we have turned this into a state-of-the-art Creative Collaboration Center where we want to work together to Move America Forward.

It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that America is at a serious time in its history. In order for us to be the Creatives we have been in the past we need as many ideas as possible to Move America Forward. We still have the Creatives like yourself that can make this happen. Take for example the company that has sold more SHOES than any other one – Zappos. Why? Because they have one MISSION – “Powered by Service” where they are considered the leader in Customer Service. People work there because they are DEDICATED to the Zappos mission of “Powered by Service”. They could care less if they are selling shoes. As founder and CEO Tony Hsieh says: “Our product is customer service and we just happen to currently sell shoes. Our next product could be an airline.”

Do you think that MONEY drives his team? Think again! Being dedicated to “Powered by Service” is what matters. In fact, if you apply to work at Zappos and get accept in the training program and decide Zappos is not for you then you will be paid a lump sum payment IF you QUIT before the training is over! Very few people have taken advantage of this opportunity.

Also there is NO equity compensation plan or revenue-sharing bonus structure at Zappos. Tony explains: “Most companies think that the number one motivator for employees is pay. But if youF ask our employees, I think it’s number four or five, and above that are things related to culture or your manager or vocation and believing in the company’s mission or vision…I think what we have here are people that truly believe in our long-term vision and also really feel like this is not just a job.

We want to use ConceptsNation to offer ideas to Move America Forward. This is NOT a JOB but a MISSION!

Also I plan to follow in Zappos steps as I grow my numerous companies. I like Tony think a business should be “Powered by Service” and I have my name for it – Five Star XtremeJoy! We want our clients to always feel that they got Five Star treatment.

Visit ConceptsNation and share with us your ideas for Moving America Forward!

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