I had this idea for abandoned K-Marts years ago. People could rent space and be among others that they could collaborate with or just share what they are working on. There would be a central secretarial service and even a refreshment area. One area could be used for small to large high tech equipped conference rooms. Today the Android tablets we sell are equipped with the ability to plug directly into HD screens which are replacing projectors.

Watch someone like Starbucks create a new concept with co-working!

Already Tony Bacigalupo has created in New York City what he calls New Work City. Why did he do this and become a pioneer?

“We’re social animals that will go stir crazy in an isolated space full of ‘distractions’. More importantly, we need interaction with others and a motivation to stay focused…Many freelancing friends of mine have gotten gigs out of coworking, some have gotten valuable feedback from skilled colleagues, and others have started entire companies based on brainstorms that started in coworking spaces.”

Starbucks are you listening?

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