Alexa & Other Intel Gathering Secrets

So now you have done your research with Google Analytics and Adwords. As I promised in the previous post you can legally spy on your competition to see who it is with Alexa. Alexa is the web site that ranks … Continue reading

Build It & They Will Come!

Many of you have probably seen the classic film Field of Dreams. I truly believe the premise of that movie – BUILD IT & THEY WILL COME! I’m already seeing that with our newly founded Serial Entrepreneurs Association as people … Continue reading

DecaMillionaireship & Serial Entrepreneurship

Let’s discuss what you MIGHT have to do if you want to be truly RICH as in a “DecaMillionaire.” First, you must COMMIT to yourself that you will be like a warrior when it comes to this goal. You can’t … Continue reading


Personally I believe there are NO coincidences in the universe! I call them “GodJobs.” As you remember I LOVE to read and find bargains in books. My friends Tanya and Tobie have the coolest upscale recycle store in my area. … Continue reading

Setting Time Limits & Productivity

You might have heard of Parkinson’s Law which states that when you are doing a task its IMPORTANCE will grow along with COMPLEXITY in relation to the TIME you allow for its completition. Most of us including yours truly are … Continue reading