Build It & They Will Come!

Many of you have probably seen the classic film Field of Dreams.

I truly believe the premise of that movie – BUILD IT & THEY WILL COME!

I’m already seeing that with our newly founded Serial Entrepreneurs Association as people are looking for a group to join as either already serial entrepreneurs like “moi” or want to pursue this exciting journey!

When you go to Serial Entrepreneurs Association home page you will see that I talked about having workshops in my beloved western North Carolina mountains. Well yesterday I learned from my serial entrepreneurship mentor and head of the Masters of Entrepreneurship program at Western Carolina University that currently there is NO conference center west of Asheville’s Grove Park Inn! Dr. Frank Lockwood said that it is a much needed facility since next fall he will have to have his conference at the Grove Park Inn as there is not one he can use closer.


That is exactly what I have challenged myself to do! I am going to envision this center becoming the premiere destination in western North Carolina and further more also envision the RIGHT people showing up to make it happen!

Recently I met two people that could play a major role in this project and plan on getting in touch with them ASAP! Actually make that THREE potentional players!


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