Personally I believe there are NO coincidences in the universe! I call them “GodJobs.”

As you remember I LOVE to read and find bargains in books. My friends Tanya and Tobie have the coolest upscale recycle store in my area. Tanya took early retirement from Delta to do her PASSION which is to provide funds for non-profits that take care of rescue cats and dogs.

So they were having a “bag of books” sale and I was in 7th heaven! I had a table full of books to choose from. I spotted a book with the titled BrainStyles ( available at the Resources area ) aand picked it up since I enjoy studying about the brain/mind. I skimmed through it and found that there were 4 brainstyles according to the author Marlane Miller. I looked at the different categories and KNEW I had found mine without even taking the test included – Conceptor!

I started reading about the Conceptor and I KNEW she was describing me to the tee! So I decided that I did not need this book for my further reading. However God/Universe/Supreme Power had other plans. As I still had room in my bag after collecting mostly thriller and mysteries I decided to go ahead and get BrainStyles.

So today I pulled it out of the bag and WOW!

Marlane’s premise is that we can change WITHOUT changing who we are. She is a very accomplished professional in the human development field and she adds brain research from other people that I had previously studied – psychologist Mihaly Csikzentmihaly, who came up with research in “flow” and the “optimal experience; Nobel Prize winner Roger Sperry who did the left-right brain studies; and Robert Ornstein, who also contributed to the split brain studies.

What Csikzentmihaly found was that people who are PASSIONATE about something and consider their work as PLAY are in a state of “flow” where people report when feeling strong and alert experiencing a state of effortless control and have no concept of the passing of time and most importantly experience exhilaration and transcendence. In another words they live the XtremeJoy Lifestyle!

Other research she shares says that the latest brain research with both PET and MRI technology have proven that we are pretty well set into one of the BrainStyles at BIRTH. In another words it is GENETICALLY coded like another famous Conceptor Albert Einstein. They have actually taken a slice of Einstein’s brain and found that he possessed a larger than normal amount of glial cells which has been determined to be correlated with the part of the brain that makes associations. In another words Einstein along with another famous Conceptor Nicholas Tesla had an EXTRAORDINARY built-in ability to develop associations that other BrainStyles have not a clue how to do!

Certainly the environment that you grow up in can have a definite positive or negative influence but we can NO longer play the role of VICTIM as it is totally unscientific!

What you must do is get this book ASAP! My friend just told me that it was available on Amazon for 10 cents!

I fortunately KNEW for a long time that I am a Conceptor and that people always thought me strange!

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