Birds of A Feather…

You most likely can finish this time honored saying: FLOCK TOGETHER!

This applies both POSITIVELY and NEGATIVELY.

Let’s start with the NEGATIVE and I am going to give you an example from own experience.

Remember in the last post we talked about BSers. Well a friend, who is the poster child for USA BSer as I have come to find out, recommended me to help market this resort you may remember I have been working on selling since before Christmas. It belongs to his long time going back to the teens friend.

I should have realized that if my other friend is the poster child for USA BSer, then there is a better than 90% chance he is one too! Sure enough he kept putting off about paying me for the work I have done trying to get his place even SELLABLE! I am an EXPERT at doing this as I know what potential clients want! He and his partner have NO clue how to market and sell this business! (BTW he has FINALLY paid me!)

Now for the POSITIVE angle. Are you aware that your INCOME is determined by the FIVE people you associate with the majority of the time? This is NO BS as numerous well known self help gurus say it all the time.

So in my case if I want to be a DECAMILLIONAIRE I have to associate with DECAMILLIONAIRES OR MORE! Several of my clients/friends qualify.


Hugh Simpson


Birds of A Feather… — 2 Comments

  1. Hugh:

    I met you today at the sweet corn festival and enjoyed our engaging conversation.
    I am interested in taking a look at the things you have done and are doing, so please stay in touch and if you have some sort of a listserv you send stuff to people on, please add me to it.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

    Bill Trick
    (the real estate lawyer from Fort Lauderdale)

    • Hi Bill! Funny I should just find this comment now. My third book has just been finished Grid Going Down! It will soon be for sale at CreateSpace in print and Amazon in ebook format!

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