BEST Holiday Gift

Today Christians are celebrating giving gifts to each other. If the jewelry companies succeeded with their incessant bombardment of commercials then many are getting new watches, rings, bracelets, etc. Others may have gotten XBOX One or a new Apple Air.

Well I am a Christian and I would like to give you what I consider your BEST gift!

It is right here in Part One of what I call The Millionaire Mindset.

I know from my background in psychology and years of both studying and having clients that are millionaires and even multi-millionaires through my Public Relations consulting firm that unless you develop what I call the MILLIONAIRE MINDSET you will NEVER get RICH!

I have been very fortunate to have clients that range from a millionaire to even a decade-millionaire which means he had a NET WORTH of $10,000,000! Each one has taught me different aspects of what I call the MILLIONAIRE MINDSET.

My clients ALREADY had declared themselves rich before they actually had the money! They learned what is called the Be/Do/Have philosophy which says you must BE before you can HAVE. They ALREADY were studying and emulating wealthy people instead of wasting time watching TV or even hanging out with friends!

And when they did go out they went to where the wealthy hung out! They would splurge on a fabulous meal in a five star restaurant. Instead of networking with other BROKE wannabes my clients would get to know people that they met at those restaurants and get invited to meet their influential friends.

When I was only in my early thirties I was very fortunate to snag one of the most famous advertising icons of all times as a client – my late friend William Thourlby, the ORIGINAL Marlboro Man. He hired me as his publicist for his new book that became a classic – You Are What You Wear.

Bill took me to the top places in the USA like the prestigious New York Athletic Club. He introduced me to famous friends of his like NBC News anchor David Brinkley. I was like a kid in a candy store! You see I had been with CBS News when I was in my early 20s.

So I was living what one of my heroes Napoleon Hill had said in his Think & Grow Rich which I discovered while in Ad & PR grad school – “Whatever the human mind can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE it can ACHIEVE!”

Previous to attending the Masters program at the University of Illinois I had an incredible mentor who was for certain a multi-millionaire. He was the money behind Hugh Hefner’s Playboy concept. His clients in his PR business read like the Who’s Who of Hollywood: Robert Redford, Barbara Streisand, Dick Clark, 20 Century Fox, etc. He even let me participate in promoting a PR campaign for Mickey Rooney! I KNEW I wanted to be a PR consultant like him!

So I had VISUALIZED working with WEALTHY FAMOUS clients long before William Thourlby came into my life!

So as a recap of the first principle: BE in your MIND using all your senses that millionaire! Then DO things to put yourself in the midst of millionaires! Offer them something they DESIRE as I did William Thourlby – publicity that works and pays off into over 300,000 books being sold!

Next post will continue with more MILLIONAIRE MINDSET principles to practice!

Hugh Simpson

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