Becoming MF Filthy Rich

So if this post offends you don’t read it!

As I mentioned in the last post I have decided to become MF Filthy Rich! And if you think being a MILLIONAIRE gets it today THINK AGAIN! Today’s $1,000,000 is worth at the most in 1960s dollars before we cranked up the Federal Reserve printing press $100,000! We have lost 90% of the value!

So do the math. To be a 2012 millionaire you have to have earned $10,000,000 and that is called DECAMILLIONAIRE! So to the other 98% out there including the 47% mentioned by Romney this is considered evil and wrong to be MF Filthy Rich!

Who cares what those a..holes think! Not me or Wallace Wattles wrote in his classic “The Science of Getting Rich” that in order to help the real poor who can’t help themselves like the MILLIONS of foster children bring abandoned in the USA YOU have to become MF Filthy Rich or a DECAMILLIONAIRE or more!

If you want to join with me in having XTREMEJOY, XTREMEHEALTH, XTREMEPLAY and XTREMEWEALTH then go back through these posts to the very beginning and read what I have written and buy the books in the Resource area and begin YOUR journey to bring a MF Filthy Rich DECAMILLIONAIRE!


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