Be Prepared Not Scared Part 6


Again I have used the Navy SEALs as they KNOW about MISSIONS!

Think of your PREPAREDNESS as a MISSION which it is! Don’t think of it as WAR but FUN!

According to former Navy SEAL officer Leif Baban in Extreme Ownership: PRIORITIZE & EXECUTE.

“To implement Prioritize and Execute in any business team, or organization, a leader must:

•evaluate the HIGHEST (my emphasis) priority problem

•lay out in SIMPLE, CLEAR, and CONCISE (my emphasis) terms the highest priority effort for your team

•develop and determine a solution, seek input from key leaders and from the team where possible

•direct the execution of that solution, focusing ALL (my emphasis) efforts and resources toward this goal

•move on to the NEXT HIGHEST (my emphasis) priority problem. Repeat.

•when priorities shift within the team, pass situational awareness both UP AND DOWN (my emphasis) the chain

•don’t let the focus on one priority cause TARGET FIXATION (my emphasis) and inability to see other problems developing or growing”

There you have what you need to PRIORITIZE & EXECUTE!

Hugh Simpson
Founder of XtremePreparedness

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