Be Prepared Not Scared

So I have been thinking about what does GOD want me to do with my website?

I see that GOD has had me researching and sharing about PREPAREDNESS & SELF-RELIANCE SKILLS since my first book was published in 1999 – A Family Survival Manual for Y2K & Beyond. Then I published as an ebook 2012 & Beyond. My latest in the niche is both printed and ebook entitled Grid Going Down. And currently I’m researching Sea Gypsy Prepper.

My long time friend and client, Dr. David Epstein, coined the slogan of this post – BE PREPARED NOT SCARED which I used at my XtremePreparedness website.

So now I’m being led by GOD to create a series of posts around the theme of BE PREPARED NOT SCARED.

Stay tuned!
Hugh Simpson
Founder of XtremePreparedness

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