DecaMillionaireship & Serial Entrepreneurship

Let’s discuss what you MIGHT have to do if you want to be truly RICH as in a “DecaMillionaire.” First, you must COMMIT to yourself that you will be like a warrior when it comes to this goal. You can’t … Continue reading


Personally I believe there are NO coincidences in the universe! I call them “GodJobs.” As you remember I LOVE to read and find bargains in books. My friends Tanya and Tobie have the coolest upscale recycle store in my area. … Continue reading

Setting Time Limits & Productivity

You might have heard of Parkinson’s Law which states that when you are doing a task its IMPORTANCE will grow along with COMPLEXITY in relation to the TIME you allow for its completition. Most of us including yours truly are … Continue reading

Stretch Your Mind

Here is a game that I learned in Scott Belsky’s MUST read Making Ideas Happen (available in Resources area). He interviewed world famous Ji Lee, who has designed for Conde Nast and is also the Creative Director for Google’s Creative … Continue reading