Another MUST Read Book!

I recently did something that I NEVER do – bought a NEW book!

Yes, I try my best to buy “recycled” books so that I save money and still get good helpful information.

Actually I KNOW now that God was hitting me in the side of the head with a 2×4 as we say in the Deep South USA to get my attention and BUY that book!

I had actually seen the book in Trilogy Bookstore in my neighborhood over 6 months ago. I picked it up and started reading it but decided that I already knew what the author was talking about. Then I was in the store again about a month ago and again saw that the book was still there. Again I picked it up and read a little more and replaced it back on the shelf.

Well about a week ago I went back in Trilogy and again the book was still on the shelf where I had replaced it. Again I picked it up and this time read for a little bit longer. This time I could hear God saying: BUY THAT BOOK!

This time I obeyed and WOW! Russell Simmon’s Do You (Resources area) has become my constant companion and I have told all my Facebook and Twitter followers to get it ASAP!

As you may know Russell is the Godfather of Hip-Hop. He also is a VERY spiritually centered individual that came from a gangster/drug culture in New York City to become way more than a DecaMillionaire with his business empire of DefJam, PhatFarm, PhatBaby, Russell Simmons Jewelry and numerous hit TV shows. His Hip-Hop Summit has become an inspiration for people around the world who want to create their OWN music and follow in the footsteps of their Hip-Hop heroes.

I have to admit that I actually HATED Hip-Hop until I found the history of how it came about. Its history and also Russell’s is no different than the history of Blues and Jazzz. The most important difference is that Russell and his Hip-Hop artist friends did not get their break from the white establishment or did they cave into their demands. They created this music and stayed with what Russell stresses by his Do You philosophy. As Russell shares through out his book God wants you to to Do You in EVERY aspect of your life!

I have always tried to follow that but have caught myself giving in which the Hip-Hop artists REFUSED to do! They were what could be called the Civil Rights leaders of music. I still may not like the music too much but I sure respect where it came from!

So I want you to go RIGHT NOW to and order that book (Resources area would be appreciated). Don’t wait like I did to God to hit you with the spiritual 2×4!

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