Another MUST Read!

In the next posts I am going to highlight some of the points from another MUST read book – Flip by Peter Sheahan (check Resources area)

1. FAST, GOOD & CHEAP don’t cut it anymore! You must have another WOW! factor: GREEN, RESPONSIBLE, BEAUTIFUL, EASY or HEALTHY. For example Subway is FAST, GOOD, CHEAP and HEALTHY. IKEA is FAST, GOOD, CHEAP and BEAUTIFUL.

2. The products and services we buy say exactly who we want to be. By the way checkout Google Trends to see what people are considering right now.

3. All good stories have three things: DETAIL, CHARACTERS and LANGUAGE. Google my friend Ronda Del Boccio as she is the Profitable Storyteller. She can help you get your story right!

4. CHARACTERIZATION brings a story to life and conveys human attributes.

5. Make ALL your policies and processes EASY for the CUSTOMER not you!

6. Sales can be commoditized and OUTSOURCED but not RELATIONSHIPS! Being a former consumer investigative reporter for CBS News I am a stickler for CUSTOMER REAL service and so should you!

7. YOU have to be KNOWN, LIKED and most importantly TRUSTED! People have ALWAYS done business with people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST! That will NEVER change!

In the next post I will continue to share the points from Peter’s excellent book Flip.

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