Alexa & Other Intel Gathering Secrets

So now you have done your research with Google Analytics and Adwords. As I promised in the previous post you can legally spy on your competition to see who it is with Alexa. Alexa is the web site that ranks the tops web sites in the world for the long tail keywords that you have selected. So if you are a fly fishing expert living in the USA South you are going to put in your keywords from the previous post and find out immediately who is effectively marketing to your niche! Is that not cool? Of course there is software on the market you can buy that will tell you even more about your competition. Google “advertising spyware” and then visit the sites to see what is offered. Some will have FREE “lite” versions you can use.

Now through Alexa you have the top 3 competitors that you are going to concentrate on knocking out of the rankings! Actually I will teach secrets in future posts on how to do exactly that!

For now you want to go to your competition and do in-depth research on just these 3 web sites. You want to study their ad copy and bookmark their sites. You want to add more ad copy in your swipe file.

Now you want to become a CUSTOMER of your competition! If they are offering a FREE inducement to get you as a future customer you need to immediately give them your name and email address. This way you are going to be able to further study just what they are giving away to get you as a customer! You might even have to BUY something from the site and I would advise that also. This way you will see the SYSTEM they use to get you as a customer.

By the way by signing up for the FREE e-book, e-course, video, etc. they send you, you are going to gather even more important intelligence about your competiton. You are going to see if they use an AUTORESPONDER to send you future emails trying to get you to be a customer. By the way if they are the top 3 competitiors in your niche you can be assured they are effectively using an antoresponder!

You want to immediately study the freebie they sent you. If it is an e-book then read through it to see if they really know their niche. If you find GREAT sentences in the e-book or e-course then add them to your swipe file. If it is a video study what they have emphasized in the video. Remember RESEARCH is the key to knocking off your competition!

This is enough to keep you busy for at least a month!

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