99% Rise Up

I have to digress from sharing more of my new mentor THOREAU to again put in my two cents worth about this recent uproar about the 1%! To me it is about as newsworthy as under inflated footballs!

Evidently members of this new 99% Rise Up disrupted the Wednesday session of the US Supreme Court raving about the Court’s decision last year concerning how much businesses could contribute to campaigns.

So why not take this MISUSED energy and work to be NOT a part of the 99%?

I personally enjoy striving to reach the stratosphere of the 1%! I am sure in my wildest dreams I will never come close but it is FUN to play the GAME.

And regardless of what these raving SOCIALISTS think it is only a GAME! My mentor Donald Trump says we must NEVER forget it is just a GAME!

Why not become ENTREPRENEURS and raise money for their bleeding heart causes like ENTREPRENEURS 1%s Bill and Melinda Gates do! I commend Bill and Melinda and plan to checkout their new campaign mentioned at CNN last night – GLOBAL CITIZEN.

More THOREAU in next post unless something else interesting crosses my radar!

Could be Monday before next post as we are expecting freezing rain, sleet and snow here in the western North Carolina mountains!

Hugh Simpson

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