Be Prepared Not Scared Part 7


Again Jocko the former SEAL officer and co-author of Extreme Ownership brings up another important aspect of PREPAREDNESS: DECENTRALIZED COMMAND.

“Human beings are generally not capable of managing more than SIX TO TEN (my emphasis) people particularly when things go sideways and inevitable contingencies arise. No ONE (my emphasis) leader can be expected to manage dozens of individuals much less hundreds…Junior leaders MUST (my emphasis) be empowered to make decisions on key tasks necessary to accomplish that mission in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Teams within teams are organized for maximum effectiveness for a particular mission, with leaders that have clearly delineated responsibilities. Every tactical level team leader must understand NOT JUST WHAT THEY ARE DOING BUT WHY THEY ARE DOING IT.”

EVERYONE up and down the company or team levels must understand NOT JUST WHAT THEY ARE DOING BUT WHY THEY ARE DOING IT.

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson
Founder of XtremePreparedness

Be Prepared Not Scared Part 6


Again I have used the Navy SEALs as they KNOW about MISSIONS!

Think of your PREPAREDNESS as a MISSION which it is! Don’t think of it as WAR but FUN!

According to former Navy SEAL officer Leif Baban in Extreme Ownership: PRIORITIZE & EXECUTE.

“To implement Prioritize and Execute in any business team, or organization, a leader must:

•evaluate the HIGHEST (my emphasis) priority problem

•lay out in SIMPLE, CLEAR, and CONCISE (my emphasis) terms the highest priority effort for your team

•develop and determine a solution, seek input from key leaders and from the team where possible

•direct the execution of that solution, focusing ALL (my emphasis) efforts and resources toward this goal

•move on to the NEXT HIGHEST (my emphasis) priority problem. Repeat.

•when priorities shift within the team, pass situational awareness both UP AND DOWN (my emphasis) the chain

•don’t let the focus on one priority cause TARGET FIXATION (my emphasis) and inability to see other problems developing or growing”

There you have what you need to PRIORITIZE & EXECUTE!

Hugh Simpson
Founder of XtremePreparedness

Be Prepared Not Scared Part 5


We spoke about parking your EGO OUTSIDE the door and that also means being NOT ARROGANT and COCKY!

Here is what former SEAL officer Jocko Wiilink says in Extreme Ownership:

“In the SEAL Teams, we strive to be confident, but not cocky (see chapter 12). SEALs take tremendous pride in the proud history and legacy of our organization. We are confident in our skills, what we can accomplish, and eager to take on the challenging missions that others cannot or aren’t willing to execute. But we can’t EVER (my emphasis) think we are too good to fail or that our enemies aren’t capable, deadly, and eager to exploit our weaknesses. We must NEVER (my emphasis) get complacent. This is where controlling the ego is most important.”

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson
Co-founder XtremePreparedness

Be Prepared Not Scared Part 4


So let’s talk some more about the EXTREME OWNERSHIP aspect of PREPAREDNESS.

One VERY important aspect of EXTREME OWNERSHIP is LEAVING YOUR EGO OUTSIDE THE DOOR as my friend and co-founder of EST, the late Bill Thaw, use to say!

Former Navy SEAL officers and trainers Jocko and Leif stress this in their book Extreme Ownership. They give an example of trying to work with another SEAL team in Ramadi during the Iraqi War. This team was joining with them and the famous US Army Band of Brothers 506 in Ramadi.

Already Jocko had his SEAL team looking like the Band of Brothers so they could work together on the MISSION – military haircut, clean uniforms etc.

The new SEAL team refused to change wearing their dirty cutoffs and tees. They also refused to follow the orders of the Army whose base it was they were occupying. They made it extremely likely that there could be a “blue on blue” event where friendly fire wounded or killed each other because they would not share what they were doing!

This SEAL team had a HUGE EGO! It especially caused morale problems between them and the Army 506. Finally they were asked to leave and return to their previous base.

They could have been a HUGE asset in the fighting at Ramadi but they refused to park their EGOS OUTSIDE THE DOOR!

Yes there will be bruised EGOS but as Jocko and Leif say: THE MISSION IS THE TOP PRIORITY!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson
Founder of XtremePreparedness

Be Prepared Not Scared Part 3


The MOST important aspect of PREPAREDNESS is what several of my US SEAL mentors, Jocko and Leif, say in their new book of the same title – EXTREME OWNERSHIP!

So what does this mean?

EXTREME OWNERSHIP is a SEAL term and is the same as President Harry Truman’s famous quote: “THE BUCK STOPS HERE!” SEALs take FULL responsibility for what happens on a mission! NO ifs, buts, are allowed!

You MUST do the same when it comes to PREPAREDNESS!

More to come!

Hugh Simpson
Founder of XtremePreparedness

Be Prepared Not Scared Part 2

As promised I’m doing this series to teach you that being PREPARED does NOT mean you have to be SCARED!

I write for Survivor’sEdge a well known PREPAREDNESS & SURVIVAL magazine. EVERY issue of this publication has a cover that inspires FEAR!

I have been guilty of doing the same thing in my articles for them and my previous books.


YES I want you to be PREPARED but that does not require FEAR & DREAD!

In fact I’m going to make your journey with me FUN!

Hugh Simpson
Founder of XtremePreparedness

Be Prepared Not Scared

So I have been thinking about what does GOD want me to do with my website?

I see that GOD has had me researching and sharing about PREPAREDNESS & SELF-RELIANCE SKILLS since my first book was published in 1999 – A Family Survival Manual for Y2K & Beyond. Then I published as an ebook 2012 & Beyond. My latest in the niche is both printed and ebook entitled Grid Going Down. And currently I’m researching Sea Gypsy Prepper.

My long time friend and client, Dr. David Epstein, coined the slogan of this post – BE PREPARED NOT SCARED which I used at my XtremePreparedness website.

So now I’m being led by GOD to create a series of posts around the theme of BE PREPARED NOT SCARED.

Stay tuned!
Hugh Simpson
Founder of XtremePreparedness


I teach my students how to BARTER to ASSETS.

So what does that mean?

Are you aware that unless you own something OUT RIGHT with NO money owed it is NOT an ASSET?

So when we had LOTS of houses from foreclosure that banks and mortgage companies were holding I suggested people BARTER for one of those homes!

It just might still work!

This is just one tip I am sharing through my new Millionaire’s Club.

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Hugh Simpson

BARTER Making A HUGE Come Back!

Yes as a person, who in the past 30 years plus has bartered for over $250,000 of products and services including a classic Mercedes Benz and a gold Cadillac de Ville and numerous places to live including a beautiful 1920s home in Atlanta with three fireplaces, I can tell you it WORKS!

YES, I see it making a HUGE come back especially here in the United States in the next 6 MONTHS!

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Hugh Simpson

Mastery of Millionaireship Part 2

You might ask why you should read Wallace Wattles’ classic The SCIENCE of Getting Rich.

Good question.

Mr. Wattles did not just write a book hoping that he would sell enough to make him wealthy as so many do today.

No, Mr. Wattles wrote his book in the early 20th century because he wanted to help others become as wealthy as he was! He was ALREADY VERY WEALTHY unlike Napoleon Hill, author of Think & Grow Rich, who became wealthy AFTER he wrote his book.

So if you would like to learn the secrets of the SCIENCE of becoming wealthy then Mr. Wattles book is for YOU! I personally like to read what books written by those that have been there and done that – BECOME VERY WEALTHY!

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Hugh Simpson
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