Kabbalah Part 21

Be aware that even though you think you are not making progress with RESISTANCE instead of REACTIVE behavior you experience over and over, you ARE making progress!

Rabbi Berg says: “At first, the effort to resist will be a combination of suppression and authentic Resistance. That’s okay. This effort will GRADUALLY (my emphasis) remove layers of reactive emotions.”

The practice of RESISTANCE is not an instant fix. It takes time to overcome with AUTHENTIC RESISTANCE patterns we have ingrained in us.

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Hugh Simpson

Kabbalah Part 20

Today Rabbi Berg shares there is a DIFFERENCE between SUPPRESSING our emotions and SHUTTING DOWN our REACTIVE system.

Next time RESIST your urge to REACT and instead use RESISTANCE as most likely you are going to experience CALM and CLARITY instead of long term STRESS!

Hugh Simpson

Kabbalah Part 19

This quote from Rabbi Berg says it better than anyone:

“When someone wrongs you and you REACT (my emphasis), you lose. Even more remarkable, according to Kabbalah you DESERVE to be wronged by that person because of a negative deed you committed previously.”

WOW is that HEAVY? Makes you take note of your REACTIONS!

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Hugh Simpson

Kabbalah Part 18

Rabbi Berg today shares how to recognize another deceitful trick of SATAN.

SATAN uses a person that may have annoyed or angered you to get you to REACT. Instead Rabbi Berg says picture that person as only a PUPPET on a string with SATAN whispering in their ear. As you know puppets are helpless themselves.

Also realize that SATAN is whispering in your ear too projecting all your negative traits onto the other person.

So next time look inside YOURSELF for what angers or annoys you in that person.

Hugh Simpson

Kabbalah Part 17

In a previous post we learned of an exercise that helps us to practice RESISTANCE during a wait at a checkout counter or stuck in rush hour traffic.

Today Rabbi Berg shares this important message with us:

“We came into this world to create POSITIVE (my emphasis) change within ourselves and in the world around us. Positive change will ALWAYS encounter resistance, conflict, and obstacles. We MUST (my emphasis) embrace these difficult situations.”

GREAT advice Rabbi however not very easy to practice as I am sure you will agree!

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Hugh Simpson

Kabbalah Part 16

Do you think it is possible for YOU to CONTROL Space?

According to Rabbi Berg that is exactly what happens when we shut down our REACTION by using RESISTANCE with PROACTIVE behavior!

He says that by shutting down our REACTION “we achieve unity with the Light in that MOMENT (my emphasis). The Opponent (SATAN) is rendered homeless. As we strengthen our consciousness with the Light and with the wisdom and technology of Kabbalah, our ultimate destiny will be TOTAL CONTROL (my emphasis) over space, time, and matter.”

WOW how cool is this!

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Hugh Simpson

Kabbalah Part 15

Last post we discussed TIME as the distance between ACTION and REACTION and TIME as the divide between CRIME and CONSEQUENCE. Both of these forms of time are in SATAN’s bag of deceit and evil.

Another deceitful trick SATAN uses is to create the ILLUSION that there is no truth to the creation of the Spiritual Light.

How does this happen? So using our previous example of road rage we use RESISTANCE by not shooting a bird or cutting off the person. Instead we just keep doing what is right or even wave nicely to them!

Unfortunately the other person may even get madder since we did not REACT. They may continue to harass us. We had hoped the wave would stop the rage.

Rabbi Berg says that our PROACTIVE behavior may not have INSTANT results so SATAN tells us that our good RESISTANCE did not pay off!

Don’t listen to SATAN! GOD has EVERYTHING under CONTROL!

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Hugh Simpson

Kabbalah Part 14

Previously we discussed how SATAN uses TIME with CAUSE and EFFECT.

Also TIME is the distance between ACTION and REACTION that SATAN uses very effectively.

The KABBALAH teaches that we must NOT react but instead RESIST leading to PROACTIVE ACTION. We RESIST the usual REACTIVENESS we experience when something does not go our way. For instance with a previous example of road rage we RESIST participating by giving the finger or cutting in front of the person like they did to you. If we don’t it could escalate into a similar tragedy where a four year old girl was shot and killed during such an event!

The road rage incident mentioned above also is another form of TIME that SATAN uses – the divide between crime and consequence! The TIME of the actual shooting and death of the child was short but the time between the shooting and the CONSEQUENCES for both parties will be a LIFETIME!

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Hugh Simpson

Kabbalah Part 13

Another tactic SATAN uses to great advantage is TIME as related to CAUSE and EFFECT.

Many times what we cause may not have the effect immediately. This is the same in nature.

When you plant seeds in your garden you don’t get vegetables instantly. It takes TIME.

Same with what we do in our lives. We do something to a person. It may be days, months or years before you feel the EFFECT!

You may have heard of the Hindu concept of KARMA. This is same as preached in the KABBALAH – CAUSE & EFFECT!

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Hugh Simpson