Finally Come to My Senses!

Yes today I finally realized that I really did not want to be in the MANUFACTURING business! Why put up with all those a–holes from local, state and Federal government and a bunch of insurance agents? Am I CRAZY?

So now I have located several PROFESSIONAL carbon fiber manufacturers in North Carolina that can make my parts for my DSI 102 UAV discussed in a previous post. Also where I was planning to manufacture in Robbinsville NC there is a community college that offers an excellent course in Applied Technology and I spoke to the director today. He was enthused with the possibility of having involvement in assembling our drones!

So if this works like I see it developing I will be relieved from putting up with dozens of local, state and especially Fed a–holes!

For those who have not seen our DSI 102 UAV, here it it is!


Hugh Simpson

Our 102″ UAV Is Here!


We began this business on 1/1/2014 as a NAPKIN concept with NO product to sell. Here we are just a little over 6 MONTHS with a state-of-the-art UAV ready to be manufactured in Robinsville NC this Fall – less than a YEAR later.

Another ConceptsNation SUCCESS is on its way!

Hugh Simpson
Co-Founder & CEO
Dunan Systems International

The Extreme Wealth System

I have now posted 10 posts at Extreme Wealth Lifestyle on my new Extreme Wealth System I am GIVING to EVERYONE at NO costs!

It is based on my ancestors system that created one of the LARGEST financial empires ever seen – the Knights Templar!

Hugh Simpson
Knights Templar 009

Being a REAL CEO

I am going on a new journey which is both EXHILARATING and FRIGHTENING! Due to health reasons of Jeff Dunan’s wife, who I founded Dunan Systems International LLC with the past January 1, 2014, I have to step in and become the CEO in addition to the Chief Marketing Officer.

Granted I have been CEO of my own businesses but NEVER one that has the opportunity to grow into a MULTI-MILLION dollar company. My goal for Dunan Systems International LLC is a $50,000,000 valued company. I KNOW it can happen!

So I set out on this new journey! I will keep you updated.

Hugh Simpson

News.Cold Cases.

The last post talked about the Ultimate Cold Case – searching for the Ark of the Covenant.

That got me to thinking. What if I created a business that went after NEWS cold cases.

So it is now a reality! Visit News.Cold Cases. As you will see the first cold case we are working on is the destruction of General Motors revolutionary ELECTRIC car – the EV1.

There will be a lot more including the search for the Ark of the Covenant!

Stay tuned to News.Cold Cases.

Hugh Simpson

The Ultimate Cold Case Part 2

Continuing my project THE ULTIMATE COLD CASE extensive research has to led to the following scenario:

My ancestors – the Knights Templar – found what they were looking for based on the information from the tablet they found in Europe – THE ARK OF THE COVENANT!

They kept their find secret until they had found a way to get it out of Jerusalem. Research shows they most likely took it out by sea. There are those researchers that believe they lost it at sea. I like other researchers do not believe that happened.

In the next post I will share why I think that it ultimately found its way to France!

Hugh Simpson
Reality Designer

The Ultimate Cold Case Part 1

I am going to start preparing for the ULTIMATE COLD CASE! When this one is solved it will be hailed as the greatest closing of a case EVER!

This cold case involves my ancestors – The Knights Templar and goes back to the Christian Crusades in Jerusalem. The Templars had an ulterior motive for going to Jerusalem besides protecting the pilgrims. They seem to have discovered in Europe an ancient tablet that was written during the times of King Solomon. It seem to tell the last location of THE ARK OF THE COVENANT!

When they arrived in Jerusalem the king said they could stay anywhere they wanted in the area of what had been King Solomon’s massive palace grounds. So why did they choose the former stables of King Solomon which were not the most inviting digs?

They said they stayed there because they had taken the vow of poverty. What if that was just a cover so they could explore that area without being afraid of being watched.

I have studied my ancestors in great depth and I truly believe they were really there to take THE ARK out of its hidden place in the stable area which I believe was revealed in that tablet they found in Europe!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson
Reality Designer

Blessings In A Backpack

My good friend Barbara replied to my email about US CHILDREN going hungry with this helpful info:

“Hugh, there is an organization that is doing just that, giving kids food to eat over the weekend when they are not in school. It’s called Blessings In A Backpack and these packs are filled with ready to eat food that a child could fix herself. They include things like granola bars, peanut butter, tuna, crackers, mac and cheese, cereal and juice boxes.

“You can find out more about Blessings In A Backpack and they can tell you about bringing a Blessings program to local schools. Besides, I like the name. -Barbara”

Thanks Barbara!

Hugh Simpson
Founder of ConceptsNation

US Children Going to Bed Hungry

Yes tonight I learned that 20% of USA CHILDREN are below the poverty line! 20% or MORE are only getting their food from the school they attend! It is estimated that MILLIONS of USA children are not getting adequate food to eat especially on the weekends!

This is a TRAVESTY and WE must find a way to stop this NOW!

I am making a series of videos and HERE is the first one.

I am considered the REALITY DESIGNER and my new project is to STOP USA children from going to bed HUNGRY!

Join me on this project by sharing below your ideas and suggestions for stopping this travesty!

Hugh Simpson

Delta Force

Visiting a friend and found the book Delta Force by Colonel Charlie Beckwith, who was the creator and first commander of Delta Force.

What a SUPER operational manual for any entrepreneur and his/her business!

I want to create here at ConceptsNation a Delta Force CONCEPTS TO REALITY operation!

Look for updates in the future on this project!

Hugh Simpson
Founder of ConceptsNation