Move US Made Businesses! Part 2


As I mentioned in previous post I was going to contact ALL the USA MADE companies mentioned here under I Love USA MADE Foundation.

I emailed each one and before the end of yesterday the OWNER of one had contacted me as when I did his Contact Form at his website it was not working! I left a voicemail telling his customer service it was not working not even mentioning about the Virgin Islands.

So the owner thanked me for alerting him to the problem and asked why I was contacting his company.

I explained and he was intrigued enough to ask for the additional information I could send him.

So now he has the information and Virgin Island contact person’s email and cell number.

I called my VI contact, Andrew, and alerted him that this owner might contact him.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Hugh Simpson

Move US Made Businesses! Part 1


Yes I am starting a campaign today to move USA MADE business to the US VIRGIN ISLANDS like we are doing with our Floating Homes Worldwide LLC BEFORE they are RUINED by STUPID politicians!


They offer QUALIFYING businesses a 90% REDUCTION in both PERSONAL & BUSINESS US Federal Income Taxes!

This is NO BS!

I thought it was BS until I made contact with US Virgin Island Economic Development people.


You do have to LIVE on one of the US VIRGIN ISLANDS for 180 DAYS ANNUALLY and employ a MINIMUM of EIGHT of their islanders within ONE YEAR.

It will probably costs you about $20,000-30,000 for fees and legal representation.

Contact me for further information by filing in REPLY area.

Hugh Simpson

Quality! Part 6

In the previous post we discussed how I got the FULL ATTENTION of the president of Samsung USA and got a 100% refund for that CRAPPY Galaxy Tab 4.

YOU should NEVER let any of these companies get away with CUSTOMER NO SERVICE!

I helped one of my friends Don who was having trouble with VERIZON in Atlanta after a lightening strike DESTROYED all of his electronics in his house!

He was trying to get them to pay for it because it was THEIR equipment next to his house that had caused the strike!

He was getting nowhere with them. He called me. I called VERIZON and talk to the STUPIDVISOR. I told him who I was and how I could have EVERY TV station’s consumer reporter on his VERIZON doorsteps in no time!

Within less than ONE HOUR there were THREE VERIZON trucks in front of Don’s house with the STUPIDVISOR in tow! Everything was taken care of financially!

So do NOT let them BULLY YOU!

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News CONSUMER Reporter

Quality! Part 5

Of course this morning an unprecedented recall REQUIRED by the US government of the Galaxy smartphone is the top news.

My experience with the Galaxy Tab 4 did not happen because of an exploding battery. It was because it was a piece of CRAP! The keyboard was as messed up as the Amazon Fire I own.

So I found out that the warranty had run out so I had to look for another way to get Samsung’s attention.

I decided to make a YouTube video saying I was going to use the Galaxy Tab 4 as TARGET PRACTICE with my new pistol as I am a well known Preparedness & Survival consultant writing for Survivor’Edge magazine.

Then I emailed Samsung Customer Service. NO response. So I found the President of Samsung’s public relations firm’s email address. I emailed him TWICE with NO response.

Then a week or so later I was contacted by the Assistant to the PRESIDENT of Samsung USA whom wanted to know what they could do to get that VIDEO off the Net!

I told them to refund my money for the Galaxy Tab 4 which they immediately agreed to do and asked me to send back the tablet at their expense. I was glad to do that as I wanted them to check it out to find the keyboard was continually acting up.

SO if you have a problem with a product just make a YouTube video explaining you are going to use it for TARGET PRACTICE! I am SERIOUS! That will get attention REAL quick! The last thing they want is to have a video possibly going VIRAL of their product being used for TARGET PRACTICE!

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News CONSUMER Reporter

Quality! Part 4

Last time we discussed that before there is a PHYSICAL product or service there has to be a THOUGHT by its creator or creators.

The next time you are in the process of buying something look at the STORY behind its creation.

At Extreme Wealth Lifestyle I look for the WHY behind its creation! It may be because the creator wanted something more healthy for his family. Or it may be he or she was tired of buying CRAP from foreign countries! I remember when Walmart trucks said: PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA. Today they should say: MADE ANYWHERE ELSE BUT THE USA!

I also know that the majority of us are IMPULSIVE buyers which keeps us from usually buying QUALITY. We see a glizzy new high tech gizmo and we have to have it. I use to shop that way too. Now I look for QUALITY as my interior designer Mom taught me.

If I can not afford it right NOW, I wait until I can which also gives me a “cooling off” period and stops IMPULSE buying!

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News CONSUMER Reporter