Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 24



Today we look at the INSIDE of RichDadPoorDad Robert Kiyosaki’s B-1 Triangle starting with CASH FLOW.

Here is what he says about CASH FLOW: “Cash flow is important because it is the primary control an entrepreneur or investor wants control over…America as a country and many Americans are in financial trouble because they have not been able to increase the cash flowing into their income column and have lost control over cash flowing out of their expense column.”

Robert likes REAL ESTATE and building businessES so do I!

Sarge Hugh Simpson

Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 23


Today we look at the RIGHT side of RichDadPoorDad Robert Kiyosaki’s B-1 Triangle – LEADERSHIP.

As you look at this EQUILATERAL triangle you are aware that with this type of structure ALL sides are EQUAL in length. This also means that MISSION, TEAM and LEADERSHIP are of EQUAL importance to your business!

Just remember GRUNTS YOU are the LEADER! As the great Harry Truman had on his Presidential desk – “THE BUCK STOPS HERE.” And to make that work you gotta have an AWESOME MISSION and SUPER TEAM!

Sarge Hugh Simpson

Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 22


Today let’s discuss the LEFT side of Robert Kiyosaki’s B-1 Triangle – TEAM.

You got to have a TEAM even if you are a solo entrepreneur! I have attorneys, a graphic artist, web designer, CFO, COO, video editor, writers, suppliers, and CLIENTS. Yes I consider CLIENTS the BIG part of my TEAM. If I did not have them I would NOT need a TEAM!

The MISSION is connected to my TEAM. The MISSION determines who is on the TEAM. For instance in my new UAV business we will be adding a carbon fiber manufacture and assemblers to the TEAM.

More in next post concerning B-1 triangle.

Sarge Hugh Simpson

Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 21

Today I want share another thing I have learned from RichDadPoorDad author and mentor Robert Kiyosaki.

In their book Why We Want You to Be Rich (see Resources), he and my other mentor Donald Trump have a diagram you see below.


As you will note MISSION is the FOUNDATION of this B-1 Triangle as Robert calls it. If you don’t have a MISSION associated with your business, GRUNTS, you have NO business!

Also your MISSION should be KISS and be repeatable by you in an ELEVATOR SPEECH – the time it takes to go from ground floor to the 9th nonstop – which in this day of high speed should be about 9 SECONDS!

Sarge Hugh Simpson

Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 20

There is what is called Dale’s Cone of Learning diagram which you see below.


This is VERY informative when you are learning or more importantly when you are teaching others.

As you see at the base of the pyramid people on average only remember 10% of what they READ after 2 weeks! So just READING doesn’t cut it!

HEARING it and even SEEING does not do much better only moving to the 50% bracket.

It’s only when we begin to TALK about it with OTHERS do we start to move into an ACCEPTABLE bracket i.e. participating in a discussion or giving a talk (good reason to learn PUBLIC SPEAKING!).

Of course the best way to learn is up in the 90-100% bracket where you GRUNTS want to be. Here you are DOING a dramatic presentation, SIMULATING a real experience (like my mentor Bob Fritz highly suggests!) and finally for an A grade – DOING THE REAL THING!

So now you see why our US Special Forces SIMULATE before DOING THE REAL THING. It is the BEST way to LEARN, GRUNTS!

Sarge Hugh Simpson

Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 19

Here is one acronym that I found that RichDadPoorDad author Robert Kiyosaki shared along with my mentor Donald Trump in their YOU GOT TO READ book entitled Why We Want You To Be Rich (see Resources) for the word FOCUS:

F – Follow
O – One
C – Course
U – Until
S – Successful

WOW! That is the best acronym I have see in YEARS!

Serial entrepreneurs like myself especially have problems with F.O.C.U.S. as we have IDEAS and CONCEPTS bombarding us CONSTANTLY! We are like a little kid in Toys R Us just before Christmas! We want EVERYTHING that we dream up to happen at the SAME time!

Well, GRUNTS, that just AIN’T going to happen!

So take it from Sarge here:

F – Follow
O – One
C – Course
U – Until
S – Successful


Sarge Hugh Simpson

Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 18

I wanted to follow up the last post I did on CONTROL with what my mentor Donald Trump says:

“Some synonyms for CONTROL to think about are COMMAND, MASTERY, AUTHORITY, DOMINION and DETERMINATION.” my emphasis). I particularly like MASTERY and DETERMINATION.

He further says: “You may not have CONTROL over a lot of things, but you can start with YOURSELF. BRAINPOWER is the ULTIMATE leverage. You’ve got a brain USE it.” (my emphasis)

Finally he says: “WINNERS take CONTROL by accepting RESPONSIBILITY.” (my emphasis)

Sarge Hugh Simpson

Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 17

Well may be the THIRD time trying to post here will finally take! Get your act together WordPress!

Of course this is a perfect example of what I want to discuss so as mad as it made me to have to start this THREE times I certainly know one thing – I can NOT CONTROL the screw ups of WordPress technology!

Why? Because I am NOT on their premises to prevent it! I am HERE and they are THERE!


YOU can ONLY CONTROL YOUR life, goals, dreams, vision, emotions, attitude, creations, etc.

And GRUNTS that is PLENTY for you to CONTROL!

Sarge Hugh Simpson

New Direction!

Yes I am going soon have three separate sites:

http://www.hughsimpson.com will be my personal site

http://www.realitydesigner.com will be my business site

http://www.conceptsnation.com will become a community/news site about the subjects of concepts, collaboration and creativity.

This should all be accomplished by the first of September.

Stay tuned!

Hugh Simpson