Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 50

WOW! We have hit a milestone – 50 posts as Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs! I sure hope you have gotten some value out of these posts! I sure have!

Today we continue with the techniques that my good friend/mentor Pat Williams, General Manager of the NBA Orlando Magic, shares regarding BLUE SKY THINKING.

Remember the first was EXERCISE YOUR BRAIN.

2. READ! Oh how true, Pat! I have been a vociferous READER since I got my first pair of glasses in the third grade!

Also by READING EVERY DAY I hopefully learn something new that allows my brain to have a NEW DENDRITE added to help stave off Alzheimer’s and dementia as we discussed in previous post.

Here is what Pat says about READING in his Go For The Magic (see Resources): “Have you ever stopped to consider what a book truly is? It is a PIECE OF THE HUMAN MIND (my emphasis) sitting on a shelf!

I LOVE that definition! So every time I read be it fiction (like my favorite the late Robert Ludlum) to non-fiction like Pat and The Donald I am privileged to have them sharing a piece of THEIR brilliant MINDS!

So READ, GRUNTS! That’s an order!

Sarge Hugh Simpson

Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 49

As promised here are some things that my friend/mentor Pat Williams, General Manager of NBA Orlando Magic, says in his best selling Go for The Magic (see Resources) about the 2nd secret: FREE THE IMAGINATION.

Pat likes to call it BLUE SKY THINKING.

1. EXERCISE YOUR BRAIN! As Pat says so easy to do but so few of us do it! Amen!

I am more scared of Alzheimer’s than the Big C and stroke. Therefore I study everything I can find to help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

I have learned that if you learn ONE NEW thing that you did NOT know BEFORE DAILY you will cut your risk for developing Alzheimer’s and dementia! What happens according to medical research is that when this NEW thing is added to your thought world a new DENDRITE is created in your PHYSICAL brain!

So why is this important? The MORE DENDRITES you can add to the CURRENT supply the MORE you will have TOTALLY when Alzheimer’s or dementia raises its ugly head. So for example right now you have X amount of DENDRITES which could be from 100% down.

Now let’s say that you learn something NEW EVERY day for a year. You have now added 365 NEW DENDRITES! So let’s say you had 90% when you first started the new project. Now a year later you may have 95% or more.

Alzheimer’s and dementia appears to attack these DENDRITE NETWORKS. So let’s say that the attack takes out 20%. Before you started the daily exercise you had 90%. Now you would have 70% if you had not learned something NEW DAILY for a year.

However you decided to learn EVERY DAY something NEW. Because of that SIMPLE exercise you would still 75% plus instead of 70% of the network INTACT!

So start learning something NEW DAILY! Build up your DENDRITE bank!

More from Pat in next post!

Sarge Hugh Simpson

Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 48

Today we look at the 2nd secret of Walt Disney from my friend/mentor Pat Williams, General Manager of NBA Orlando Magic, in his Go for The Magic (see Resources).

The 2nd secret that Pat and my hero, Uncle Walt, taught was: FREE THE IMAGINATION!

Here is what Pat has to say about pursuing our IDEAS: “It takes conscious, deliberate, effort to properly plant, nurture, grow, and harvest ideas. Ideas are FRAGILE, DISTURBING, SELF-REPRODUCING, and FREE.”

FRAGILE – “We need to create an atmosphere in which ideas are encouraged – both our own ideas and the ideas of those around us.”

I have done that through my ConceptsNation.

DISTURBING – “New ideas upset our equilibrium and force us to change our thinking.”

SELF-REPRODUCING – “Ideas breed more ideas. Creativity begets more creativity.

FREE – “Ideas cost nothing to produce, and they often produce millions.” Starbucks, McDonalds, Gatorade, Barbie, and Disney World have produced BILLIONS!


Next post Pat discusses some things you can do.

Sarge Hugh Simpson

Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 47

If you remember in the last post my friend/mentor Pat Williams, General Manager of NBA Orlando Magic and author of Go for The Magic (see Resources), discussed 4 processes to THINK TOMORROW.

Here is some more advice from Pat on this important aspect:

“Yesterday is a canceled check – don’t stare at it. Today is your special day – live it, feast on it, use every last drop of it in pursuit of your dreams, wringing all you can out of it. Tomorrow is your goal, your target, your bully’s eye – and if you want to reach that goal and hit that bull’s eye, you need to define clearly the ideal shape of your tomorrow and make realistic plans for getting there.”


Sarge Hugh Simpson

Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 46

As promised I am continuing with SAGE advice from my good friend/mentor Pat Williams, General Manager of NBA Orlando Magic from his best selling Go for The Magic (see Resources).

Pat shares 4 ways to THINK TOMORROW:

1. “Define your mission in life.” WOW I am still working on that one myself at 68 years young! Actually may be I have MORE than ONE mission.

2. “Define your CORE (my emphasis) principles.” Think I have that covered. I sat down and listed them. I keep it on my iPod Touch; however I am still not reviewing them on a REGULAR basis as Randy Cohen recommends. Randy is the founder of TicketCity which has consistently been voted one of the BEST employers in Texas!

3. “Set your priorities.” Well I think Pat helped me with that one which is one of Walt Disney’s SECRETS: HAVE FUN! I left the position of CEO of a company I help found because it was NO longer FUN!

4. “Make your plans.” I believe I handle this one fairly well even though I am sure some of friends might disagree! I have been working my plan for FUN business SpyCraft University along with my partners on a daily basis since we created it. Since it is FUN, time flies!

More in next post!

Sarge Hugh Simpson

Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 45

Today you are going to learn from another one of my mentors, Pat Williams, General Manager of The Orlando Magic. Pat and I became friends because we are both Walt Disney FANATICS! Pat has written extensively about Uncle Walt and it was through reading his How To Be Like Walt (see Resources) that we became friends! Heck we found that both of us attended Wake Forest University!

So let’s get started! This time what I learned from Pat comes from his best selling Go For The Magic (see Resources).

Pat is the father of EIGHTEEN kids! Yes you read that right – 18! Pat and wonderful wife, Jill, adopted 14 of those kids! Another reason Pat and I hit it off is that I am adopted also!

Pat and Jill have a cool philosophy in their home: THINK TOMORROW & LIVE TODAY!

Pat learned this from Uncle Walt who said: “THINK, BELIEVE, DREAM, and DARE.”

More from Pat in next post!

Sarge Hugh Simpson

Bear Claw

Yes this is my newest business venture under the XtremePreparedness umbrella. As you will note Bear Claw will be a new private security company only operating on American soil.
We will not be even protecting American interest in foreign countries because as a LIBERTARIAN I believe we need to protect ourselves at HOME!

We already KNOW from talking to a US Army Special Opps sergeant that ISIS suicide bombers are already on American shores most likely preparing for attacks in the upcoming Holiday Season at crowded malls, musical and sporting events and celebrations.

Could our current mall and event security personnel recognize and prevent such an attack? DOUBTFUL!

If you have to shop in stores do it NOW and NOT during December. Better yet shop on the Net.

Hugh Simpson

Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 44

You know how you are MEANT to see or hear things? Well today coming back from church my friend Carol had Joel Olstein on. Joel was talking about being a RAINMAKER like the Native Americans have been known to do.

He was saying rain clouds actually begin on the GROUND. He then said GOD wants US to begin on the GROUND too by offering GRATITUDE UP to GOD! Then GOD can be the RAINMAKER for US!

WOW! I don’t know about you but that sermon hit me like a 2×4! Also Joel said that as we get what we want we FORGET to then CONTINUALLY give THANKS! For instance, we get that client we want and maybe we give THANKS for several days but then we stop! Joel said GOD wants us to have GRATITUDE not just several days but from then on!

Another 2×4 learning for me! I have certainly NOT given CONTINUAL GRATITUDE like GOD desires!

My new mantra for SUCCESS & XTREMEJOY is: GRATITUDE is the ONLY attitude!

Sarge Hugh Simpson

Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 43

I think my mentor Donald Trump would agree with one of my heroes, Walt Disney, that you have to have FUN!

I also think that when what you are currently doing is NOT FUN you find a way to stop doing it!

After reading what my good friend and another Disney FANATIC like myself, Pat Williams, General Manager of The Orlando Magic, said was one of Uncle Walt’s favorite secrets to SUCCESS – have FUN!!! – I decided to step down as CEO from a company I help create, Dunan Systems International LLC because I DEFINITELY was NOT having FUN!

Instead I realized I needed to pursue several FUN filled businesses I had created: Southern Music Hall of Fame & Museum Inc; XtremePreparedness; Florida Music Hall of Fame & Museum; and the latest SpyCraft University.

WOW since I made that decision I have spent HOURS that have gone by like SECONDS on these projects!

Thank you Uncle Walt and Pat!

Sarge Hugh Simpson

Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 42

Today my mentor Donald Trump shares with us that the ROUTE to SUCCESS is
LESS important than the RESULTS!

“Be nonjudgmental. See and record the FACTS (my emphasis) without coloring them.

“We all form habits and fall into certain patterns. If you consistently try to produce work that meets the HIGHEST (my emphasis) standard, that’s more important than how go about achieving it…Review your habits and make sure they are taking you in the right direction. Are your habits CONSISTENT (my emphasis) with your ambitions and values? Are they providing the RESULTS (my emphasis) you want and producing them the RIGHT (my emphasis) way?”

Hugh Simpson