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Mastery of Millionaireship Part 2

You might ask why you should read Wallace Wattles’ classic The SCIENCE of Getting Rich.

Good question.

Mr. Wattles did not just write a book hoping that he would sell enough to make him wealthy as so many do today.

No, Mr. Wattles wrote his book in the early 20th century because he wanted to help others become as wealthy as he was! He was ALREADY VERY WEALTHY unlike Napoleon Hill, author of Think & Grow Rich, who became wealthy AFTER he wrote his book.

So if you would like to learn the secrets of the SCIENCE of becoming wealthy then Mr. Wattles book is for YOU! I personally like to read what books written by those that have been there and done that – BECOME VERY WEALTHY!

And I will send it to you for NO COST and NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

Just email me at shirtpocketmillionaire@gmail.com.

Hugh Simpson
Reality Designer

Mastery of Millionaireship

We are calling our epic 10,000 hour journey together MASTERY OF MILLIONAIRESHIP.


Because scientific research and the best selling book The Outliers says that in order to master ANYTHING it takes 10,000 HOURS!

My favorite book that is also the favorite of my mentor, Bob Proctor, was written long before Napoleon Hill’s classic Think & Grow Rich and Dr. Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking. It is Wallace Wattles’ The SCIENCE of Getting Rich (my emphasis).

This should be your first reading assignment and I would be glad to gift it to you as a PDF ebook.

Just send an email to shirtpocketmillionaire@gmail.com.

More in next post.

Hugh Simpson
Reality Designer

1,000,000 New USA Millionaires Part 2

Are YOU going to join our journey  together to MASTERY of MILLIONAIRESHIP?

Are you going to learn from my MULTI-MILLIONAIRE mentors like Michael & Leslie, Nick & Gayle, Robin, Donald, Robert, Bill, Marshall and Bob? Many you will actually  meet through audio and video  podcasts!

As scientific  research  has proven to us MASTERY is a 10,000 HOUR journey! That comes out to 5-10 YEARS!

Are you COMMITTED  to MASTERY? Are you COMMITTED  to the 10,000  HOUR journey?


More in next  post?

Hugh  Simpson 
Reality  Designer 

1,000,000 New USA Millionaires!

Yes that is my FIVE YEAR goal that I plan to start RIGHT NOW!



So you might ask how I can assist you to be one of those 1,000,000 new USA millionaires in FIVE YEARS.

Good question.

I am very close friends with MULTI-MILLIONAIRES that have done it! They have been first clients and then friends.

Michael is one that I have known for over 25 years. His story is the REAL rags to riches story. From an abandoned three year old in the Detroit ghetto to a MILLIONAIRE by age 21!

Yes he will be the first to admit to you that he has made it and LOST it at least three times! Today he owns 20 plus corporations and is a best selling author!

The 1,000,000 new MILLIONAIRES in 5 YEARS is the goal of Michael and myself that we want YOU to participate in!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson
Reality Designer

What’s Your NEXT ACT?

I’m on  a mission  to  eliminate  the  word  RETIREMENT  from your vocabulary  and most importantly  mindset!

To me when I  think  of  the word  RETIREMENT  I think  of my Dad. He had a FULL-OUT ADVENTURE  LIFESTYLE  and should have NEVER  retired  from  what  he LOVE  to do. He had been in management  in the building  materials  business  for over 30 years. He loved working  with the contractors that came into the store. He loved working  with the African  Americans  like Stoney and Calvin who were at my Dad’s funeral  – almost 6 MONTHS  to the day he RETIRED! He died at 67 years young and on March 4th of this year – 2016 – I will have outlived him by almost 4 years!

Why? Because I have ELIMINATED  the NEGATIVE  word RETIREMENT  from my mind set  and plan to do my NEXT ACT and NEXT ACT until I go home to God!

How about you?

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson 
Reality Designer 

XtremeOwnership Part 12

Former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink in his AWESOME Extreme Ownership gives us a final reminder of what we have been studying in this series.


*confident but not cocky

*courageous but not foolhardy

*competitive but a gracious loser

*attentive to details but not obsessed by them

*strong but have endurance

*a leader and a follower

*humble not passive

*aggressive not overbearing

*quiet not silent

*calm but not robotic; logical but not devoid of emotions

*close with the troops but not do close that one becomes more important than another or more important than the good of the team; not so close that they forget who is in charge.

“A Good leader has NOTHING (my emphasis) to prove, but EVERYTHING to prove.”


Hugh Simpson

XtremeOwnership Part 11

We learned in the previous post about DECENTRALIZED COMMAND and how important it is to the success of the mission. Jocko told us that you could not effectively lead huge numbers of people. In fact the IDEAL number is between 4-6!

So junior leaders must FULLY understand the mission so they can pass it on to their personnel. Also these junior leaders must be able to make decisions in the field on their OWN!

Jocko says the only way this can succeed is if these junior leaders truly understand the WHY of the mission or as SEALs say – the COMMANDER’S INTENT.

It is very important to also have the junior leaders “fully understand what is within their decision-making AUTHORITY (my emphasis),” says Jocko in Extreme Ownership.

And most important to DECENTRALIZED COMMAND is BUILDING TRUST. Here is what Jocko says:

“…As a leader, it takes strength to LET GO (my emphasis). It takes FAITH AND TRUST (my emphasis) in subordinate, frontline leaders and to BELIEVE (my emphasis) in their abilities. Most of all, it requires trust UP AND DOWN (my emphasis) the chain of command…”

“Trust is not blindly given. It must be built over time.”

Amen, SEAL leader Jocko!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

XtremeOwnership Part 10

Again Jocko the former SEAL officer and co-author of Extreme Ownership says it best when it comes to the FOURTH Law of Combat: DECENTRALIZED COMMAND.

“Human beings are generally not capable of managing more than SIX TO TEN (my emphasis) people particularly when things go sideways and inevitable contingencies arise. No ONE (my emphasis) leader can be expected to manage dozens of individuals much less hundreds…Junior leaders MUST (my emphasis) be empowered to make decisions on key tasks necessary to accomplish that mission in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Teams within teams are organized for maximum effectiveness for a particular mission, with leaders that have clearly delineated responsibilities. Every tactical level team leader must understand NOT JUST WHAT THEY ARE DOING BUT WHY THEY ARE DOING IT.”

EVERYONE up and down the company or team levels must understand NOT JUST WHAT THEY ARE DOING BUT WHY THEY ARE DOING IT.

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson